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Swedish games industry lancia una campagna per invitare in Svezia nuovi talenti dei videogame

‘Be a swede’, dice Dataspelsbranschen – Swedish games industry nella nuova massiccia campagna di recruiting.

L’associazione invita i talenti del digitale a trasferirsi in Svezia e ad entrare nella florida industria dei videogiochi, dai numeri e dai successi impressionanti.

• Sweden is famous for many games such as Minecraft, Battlefield, Candy Crush, Goat Simulator and many many more, as every 8th person in the world has played a game made my Swedes.

• Revenue of the Swedish games industry increased to EUR 2.29 billion during 2019, which is an increase by 23% compared to 2018

• Jobs increased by 8 percent with 654 new full-time positions to 8 578 employees at Swedish registered companies. Of these 5 599 people are based in Sweden, this is an increase of 279 people compared with 2018.

• A fifth of the industry in Sweden is female, more exactly 1 085 women based in the country. In total 1 894 women are employed by a Swedish company, that is a share of 22%.

• Most companies are profitable and the sector reports total profits for the eleventh year in a row.

• 58 new companies result in 442 active companies in total, an increase by 15 percent.

• During 2019 there was 39 reported investments and acquisitions for over EUR 400 million on the Swedish market. In 29 of these transactions, a Swedish company was the buyer.

• From January to October 2020 there was 21 reported investments and acquisitions on the Swedish market for the value of 1 Billion EUR.

• The 15 largest companies contributed with 550 million EUR in tax on company profit.

• The 15 largest companies who declared social security fees in their annual report contributed a bit over 100 million EUR in additional taxes.

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